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High Voltage Piezoelectric DC-DC Converters 

Micromechatronics Inc. introduces the world's first high voltage piezoelectric converter product line.   


Three new DC-DC converters:

Micromechatronics, Inc. introduces the world's first High Voltage Piezoelectric Converter product line. Three new DC-DC high voltage converter are introduced: 2kV/4W; 5kV/4W; 10kV/5W.

The converters are operated under input voltages of 8 to 14Vdc. The converters are fully regulated agains input voltage and output load variations. Furthermore, the output voltage can be programmed from 0 to 100% through a 0 to 2.1V control pin.

This new technology uses magnetic-less, low profile, high efficiency and high power density high voltage piezoelectric transformers. Developed through many years of R&D under space and military funded programs, the new DC-DC converters provide the most compact and efficient high voltage converting solution.

Applications include: Pulse Generators, Ignition Systems, Laser Power Supplies, Night Vision Devices, Spectrometers, Weoponary Systems, Travelling Wave Tube (TWTs), etc.

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