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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Current applications of GiD in computational fluid dynamics cover a wide range of external and internal flow problems such as ship hydrodynamics, aerodynamics of buildings and vehicles, analysis of fans, mould filling problems, etc. GiD includes all the necessary facilities for generating structured and non structured meshes in complex geometries, as well as for visualising the flow features of interest such as velocity and pressure contours and line plots, velocity vectors, particle lines, stresses at solid boundaries, etc.

CFD Analysis of a Turbulence

CFD analysis of the turbulence created by a flow around a cylinder. The video shows the evolution of isosurfaces corresponding with the same value of vorticity. The simulation was run using Tdyn solver.




Aerodynamical Analysis of a Motorbike

Aerodynamical analysis of a motorbycke prototype done using Tdyn solver.




America's Cup

Hydrodynamic analysis of the Spanish America´s Cup racing sail ship. The simulation has been run using Tdyn solver.
(courtesy of CADESA)



Space Vehicle

CFD analysis of sea landing of a space vehicle, focusing on getting the pressure of the water against the vehicle.
(courtesy of CASA)



Analysis of a Swell

Analysis of the swell created by a ferry using Tdyn solver.



CFD Analysis of the Machine Chamber of a Ship

CFD analysis of the machine chamber of a ship, taking into account the ventilation system. The simulation was run using Tdyn solver.




Ocean Wave against Oil Platform

Results from a FSI simulation for analyzing the wave impact on an off-shore platform. The simulation is done using Kratos.



Animation of the results using 3D stereoscopic view in GiD.




Filling of an Industrial Mould

Simulation of the filling of an industrial mould using Vulcan solver.


Palma Telescope

Aerodynamic analysis of the new large telescope facility in La Palma island, Islas Canarias, Spain. The simulation has been run using Tdyn solver.
(courtesy of GRANTECAN)



Mould Filling

Analysis of a mould filling process. The simulation was run using Vulcan solver.
(courtesy of Fundiciones Pujol S.A.)






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