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Plate Actuators

The PA2AD piezoelectric chip consists of stacked piezoelectric ceramic layers (which are mechanically in series) that are sandwiched between interdigitated electrodes (which are electrically in parallel). It offers a maximum displacement of 1.1 μm ± 15%. A black dot is located next to the electrode that should receive positive bias; the other electrode should be grounded. The electrodes are bare.

pdf-icon_smPA2AD Data Sheet


Driving Voltage Range 0 - 75V
Displacement (Free Strokeb) at 75V 1.1 µm ±15%
Hysteresis <15% (See Graph)
Load for Maximum Displacementc 13 N(3lbs)
Blocking Force at Max Voltage 32N (7.2 lbs)
Resonant Frequencyd 850 kHz (No Load)
Impedance at Resonant Frequencyd 1000 mΩ
Anti-Resonant Frequencyd 1050 khz
Dissipation Factor < 2.0%
Capacitance 15.0 nF ± 15%
Mass 0.011g
Operating Temperature -25 to 130C
Curie Temperature 230C
Vacuum Compatibilitye 10-10Torr
External electrodes Screen-printed Ag
Dimensions Width 1: 0.9mm ±0.1mm
Width 2: 0.9mm ±0.1mm
Length : 1.5mm ±5µm


a. All specifications are quoted at 25 °C, unless otherwise stated.

b. The "free stroke" displacement corresponds to no load.

c. Displacement varies with loading. When used with this load, these chips achieve the maximum displacement, which is larger than the free stroke displacement.

d. These specifications are for the unwired chip.

e. This specification is for the unwired chip. No extra cleaning is needed to achieve this value, though it is recommended to clean the part with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in an ultrasonic immersion tank and then bake it at 60 °C for two hours.

Typical outline:

The figure below shows the typical dimensions of PA2AD Plate Actuators.


PA2AD Dwg 350


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