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W-170ST Easy, single switch operation desktop cleaner

Desktop-type Ultrasonic Cleaner

Honda Electronics W-170ST Ultrasonic Cleaner


  • Compact. Compact, lightweight, space saving design.
  • Easy, single-switch operation. Easy to use. Select either 5 or 10 minute operation for simple, automatic operation.
  • Variety of accesories. A variety of options such as beaker rack, duckboard, and cleaning basket widen the application range of this model.

Honda Electronics W-170ST Example of Application


Model Code W-170ST
Oscillation Mode Single frequency oscillation
Maximum Output Power 70W
Oscillation Frequency 40kHz
Transducer Bolt clamped Langevin transducer
Power supply AC 100V 50/60Hz; 1A
(Requires 120V/100V adapter for USA operation)
Power consumption 100VA
Timer Two options: 5 min / 10 min
Inner tank dimensions (mm) L=170 x W=100 x H=81 (1.3L)
Outer tank dimensions (mm) L=243 x W=192 x H=170
Weight (kg) 2
Power Cable 1.5m
Max. liquid temperature 80oC
Material Tank: SUS304
Cleaner body, Lid, Drainboard: Polypropylene
Tank packing: Neoprene rubber
Addition Protection circuit: Thermostat
Included Accessories Lid, Beaker, Drainboard

Optional Parts for W-170ST

Part Number KG02 BK01
Description Cleaning Basket for W-170ST Beaker Base for W-170ST
Corresponding model W-170ST W-103T
Size (mm) L=150 x W=85 x H=60 D=75 x H=105 (300cc)
Material SUS304  
Appearance Honda Electronics KG02 Cleaning Basket Honda Electronics - Cleaning Beaker BK01

How to Order

If you need a specific quote, please request so by sending us an e-mail through "Request for Quote" by refering to the following part number or by calling us at 814-861-5688 (8:30am to 5:30pm EST). You can also directly place an order by calling us with your credit card information or sending us a Purchase Order form.

W-170ST Price List

Article Part Number Price
W-170ST Cleaner Device W-170ST $ 400.00
KG02 Cleaning Basket for W-170ST KG02 $ 45.00
BK01 Beaker BK01  

VT-500J Converter for USA operation - Recommended for USA outlet

The W-170ST ultrasonic cleaner is rated at 100VAC, which is the Japanese outlet voltage. The unit can operate at 100VAC +/-10%. For operation in the USA , i.e. 110 to 120VAC, we recommend using the VT-500J converter.

Part Number Article Description Units
per case


USA to Japan Step-Down Converter

Input: 110V/120V
Output: 100V/120V
Rated Load: 500VA max.
(including start-up current)
Heavy duty for continuous use
Fuse protected
Size (inches): 6 x 4 x 3
Weight: 8 lbs

1 unit


$ 85.00

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