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GiD - The personal pre and post processor



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GiD has numerous mesh generation options:



Structured meshes can be easily defined by the user. These include:

  • Triangular and quadrilateral meshes
  • Hexahedra, tetrahedra or prism meshes
Semi-structured meshes (structured only in one direction of the volume). These include:
  • Hexahedra, tetrahedra or prism meshes
    Unstructured meshes can be automatically generated based on quality and spacing criteria defined by the user. These include:
  • Triangular, quadrilateral and circle meshes
  • Tetrahedral and sphere meshes
  • Degree of elements can be:
  • Linear: 2 and 3 nodes
  • Triangle: 3 and 6 nodes
  • Quadrilateral: 4,8 and 9 nodes
  • Circle: 1 node (center)
  • Tetrahedral: 4 and 10 nodes
  • Hexahedra: 8, 20 and 27 nodes
  • Prism: 6 and 15 nodes
  • Sphere: 1 node (center)
  • Two dimensional bounary layer meshes can be generated, using triangle elements. All of the nodes are contained inside the real geometry. So, the higher degree elements are curved. Mesh generation can be carried out after all attributes and data have been assigned to geometrical entities. GiD allows the generation of large meshes in a fast and efficient manner and has the ability to visualise various meshes before selecting the one desired.

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