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NDR6110 - Single Channel, Dynamic Driver for Piezoelectric Actuators

Piezo Drivers


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  • Bipolar and unipolar output load
  • Galvanic separation of the output
  • Adjustable input range and phase inversion
  • Full stroke driving capability for benders (bimorphs), stacked actuators, bipolar stacks, shear mode actuators.
  • Low noise.
  • Small unified dimensions.


The NDR6110 series piezo actuator driver is intended as the basic device that enables to supply various piezoelectric actuators with static and dynamic voltage in the range up to ±100V or 0-200V. The driver can be used as a part of fine adjustment mechanism in mechanical positioning equipment with piezo feed, or for other piezo element applications.


The driver has a built-in voltage converter, so that only a single external supply voltage is needed. The device is supplied by the +5V/1A stabilized adaptor. The adaptor is included. The driver input signal can be static or dynamic.

It can be supplied by a potentiometer, trimmer, frequency generator, or D/A converter. The input range can be switched between ± 2.5, ± 5, 0 to 5, 0 to 10 Volts. The gain of the amplifier can be switched to negative (opposite phase). An internal voltage limiter guarantees output voltage within limits during operation and also during startup or shutdown. The actuator is protected against overvoltage or reverse voltage and subsequent depolarization.

The output of the device is galvanicly separated from other circuits. The following voltages are connected to the pins of the output connector: +U, -U, zero Volts, and output. This allows for connecting all categories of piezoelectric actuators.

The NDR6110 series drivers are available in a broad range of versions: with a potentiometer instead the input connector, DIN rail mounting casings, and OEM printed boards. Option is a bipolar asymmetrical output voltage (i.e. -30 to +150 V).

Electrical Parameters

Number of channels
Supply Voltage
110 - 230V/50-60 Hz -> 5V/1A
AC/DC Adapter is in the scope of delivery
Supply Current
Output voltage amplitude options

±30V (bender), 60V (stack)

±60V (bender), 120V (stack)

±75V (bender), 150V (stack)

±100V (bender), 200V (stack)

Output voltage tolerance
Low Frequency Limit
0 (DC coupled)
High Frequency Limit
(-3dB under full stroke, for ±100V)

50Hz with a C=1 µF load

120Hz with a C=0.47 µF load

280Hz with a C=0.22 µF load

Output Limitation Tolerance
Output Noise
2 mV RMS with a C=1 µF load
Control Input voltage Range
±2.5; ±5; 0 to 5; 0 to 10 (switchable)
Input Impedance
Input Connection
Output Connector
LEMO code: FGG.0B.304.CLAD52Z
Temperature Range
+5 to +45
Relative Humidity
max 80% to 31°C; max 50% above 40°C
Ingress Protection
IP20 when connectors are opened



Ordering Information

Driver Model Number
Output Voltage Range
Ordering Code
±30V (bender), 60V (stack)
NDR 6110 -30+30
±60V (bender), 120V (stack)
NDR 6110 -60+60
±75V (bender), 150V (stack)
NDR 6110 -75+75
±100V (bender), 200V (stack)
NDR 6110 -100+100

Input voltage ranges are switchable for all model numbers

Frequency Response of the Driver at maximum voltage 200V

NDR6110 Frequency Response