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NDR6210/6220 - Basic Driver for Piezoelectric Actuators

Piezo Drivers


adobe_logo Download NDR6210, NDR6220 DATASHEET (PDF)

NDR6220 Single Channel Dynamic Driver for Piezoelectric Actuators

  • Fast linear low noise driver
  • Galvanic separation of the output
  • Adjustable input range
  • Adjustable phase inversion
  • G class design, high efficiency, minimal warming
  • Soft startup
  • Output voltage limiters
  • Actuator discharge circuit

Driver NDR62xx is available in another version: NDR6210 for 1A peak current and 0.3A maximum current (RMS)


The NDR62XX series drivers are intended as basic laboratory devices which enable effectively to supply various piezoelectric actuators with static and dynamic voltage in the range up to -60 ÷ +300V. The driver can be used as a part of fine and fast adjustment mechanism in mechanical positioning equipment with piezo feed or for other piezo element application. The NDR 62 series drivers are available in two versions according to the maximal power: NDR 6210 for 20W and NDR 6220 for 55W.


The driver input signal can be static or dynamic. It can be supplied by a potentiometer, trimmer, frequency generator, or D/A converter. The input range can be set between ± 1V, 0 to 1V, ± 2.5V, 0 to 2.5V, ± 5V, 0 to 5V, ±10V and 0 to 10 Volts. The gain of the amplifier can be set to negative (opposite) phase. An internal voltage limiter guarantees output voltage within limits during operation and also during startup or shutdown. The limits can be set for both minimal and maximal values. The offset of output voltage and the possible negative voltage are settable as well. All adjustments are done from a keyboard. Two rows display allows reading of all available parameters, values and settings. The actuator is protected against overvoltage or reverse voltage and subsequent depoling. Heating caused by burning of energy from actuators is minimized by use of G class construction of the driver. In the case of overload or thermal trip it is possible to choose manual or automatic restart. The driver can be also automatically switched off after some preset time. The high voltage output of the device is galvanically separated from other circuits. This allows connecting of all categories of piezoelectric actuators and possible serial connection of two or more drivers.

NDR62xx Electrical Parameters

Number of channels

Supply Voltage
230V/50 Hz or
115V/60 Hz
Voltage limiters
Output voltage Tolerance
Frequency range
0 to typ 10
High frequency filter
100 Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, and no filter
Offset setting
+/- 100
Output noise
Input voltage range
0 to 10, +/- 10V, +/-5V, 0-5V,
+/-2.5V, 0-2.5V, 0-1V, +/-1V
Input impedance
Input connection
Output connection
4 pin LEMO
Measured values
LCD display with 2 rows
Temperature range
+5 to +45
Relative humidity
Max 80% to 31 C, max 50% above 40 C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
105 x 59.5 x 200

Ordering Information

Driver Model Number
Maximum Power
NDR 6210
20 W
NDR 6220
55 W