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TULA35-140 - Tiny Ultrasonic Linear Actuator

Linear Motor



Transducer Thickness mm 0.4
Transducer Diameter mm 4.0
Shaft Length mm 14.0
Shaft Diameter mm 1.0
Speed mm/s <20
Thrust Force gf <20
Stroke mm 3 - 11
Driving Voltage V 10 - 25
Driving Frequency kHz 80 - 130
Power Consumption mW < 300
Operating Temperature C -10 - 50
Storage Temperature C -20 - 80
Relative Humidity % 15 - 90

Basic Dimensions



The TULA exploits the vibration mode of piezoelectric ceramic, the inertial principle, and the contact friction between the shaft and the mobile to produce stepped linear motion. Some of the key features include:

  • Very small size with a lightweight and simple structure
  • Variable stroke
  • Quick response
  • Intrinsic holding force
  • Excellent controllability
  • Fine positioning/High resolution
  • Quiet operation
  • No EMI

Applications of TULA35

These two examples show the TULA35 used in an X-Axis Stage and in an Auto-Focus mechanism for a camera. Additional applications can be seen in the Piezoelectric Stage Catalog. Contact us for additional information and pricing on any of the stages and mechanisms shown.

pdf-icon_smTULA Piezoelectric Stage Catalog (pdf)



How to Order

The TULA can be purchased with any of the options listed below.

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for any of the TULA motors is 5 units.

TULA35 Options


PartDescriptionPrice (5-9)Price (10-49)
TULA35BH_sm TULA35-140 $ 70.00$ 42.00

With Mobile Body
and Rubber cap

$ 82.50$ 49.50

Wires and Connector
added upon request

As quotedAs quoted
PartDescriptionPrice (1)Price (2-5)

EV Kit

$ 650.00$575.00

pdf-icon_smTULA Piezoelectric Technologies Catalog (pdf)

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