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USW-335Ti Ultrasonic Cutters - Discontinued

Ultrasonic Cutters


 Blade Options and Accessories for Ultrasonic Cutters

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Generator Oscillation Mode Self-activating oscillation
Max. Power Output 30 W
Oscillation Frequency 22 kHz
Power Supply

Option 1: 100VAC +/-10% 50/60 Hz 100 VA

Option 2: 110VAC (USA)

Option 3: 230VAC (Europe)

Dimension W x D x H (mm) Aluminum Case: 230 x 275 x 120
Weight 3.1 kg
Cable length 1.5 m
Protection Instrument Thermostat
Operation Switch Foot pedal with switch cord (1.5m)
Hand Piece Transducer type Bolt clamped Langevin transducer
Dimensions (mm) D=25 x L=190
Weight 0.170 kg
Cable Length Output cable: 1.4 m


  • Compact Design: The handle, oscillator, foot switch, cord, and other components all fit into a compact aluminum case. This makes the USW-335 easy to carry and easy to store. The handle is light and easy to grip, enhancing operating ease.
  • Clean Cut: The tip of the blade generates 22,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second during cutting. However, the operator does not feel any vibration as the USW-335 accurately follows the cut line and effortless produces a clean, even cut.
  • Easy Operation: Simply turn on the switch and begin cutting. No other adjustments are necessary. Even a first-time operator can use it with ease.
  • Safe and economical: Oscillation of the blade is turned on and off by the foot switch. This means that both hands can be used for safe cutting control. And the responsive switch helps conserve electrical power, boosting economical operation.


Detailed Design Work Printed Circuit Board Film Material and Fabrics Other Cuts





Easily cuts opening in plastic products or removes burrs or rough edges. Makes clean, even cuts through rubber or Styrofoam Makes precise cuts into patterns and printed circuit boards. Perfect for quick and accurate corrections Cuts synthetic and composite materials without fraying. Easily cuts aluminum and cork sheets. Used in a wide range of other applications such as cutting paper, wood, food products, plaster, cable or in building scale models and other small detailed items.

How to order

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Three Voltage Rating:

  • USW-335Ti/100V (Japan-Asia voltage) w/40 replacement blades
  • USW-335Ti/110V (USA voltage) w/40 replacement blades
  • USW-335Ti/ 230V (Europe voltage) w/40 replacement blades

USW-335Ti Purchasing Options (three different voltage ratings)

Part NumberArticle DescriptionPrice

USW-335Ti Generator for 100V AC
Aluminum case
Standard Blades (40 blades)
Blade Fixing Screw (M2.6x4, SCM) (3 screws)
Allen wrench (1 unit)
Replacement Blade Mount (1 extra unit)
Ground wire (1 wire)
Operating manual

$ 1,300.00

Same as USW-335Ti but rated for 110V AC

$ 1,525.00

Same as USW-335Ti but rated for 230V AC

$ 1,525.00

Optional Parts for USW-335Ti

Part NumberArticle DescriptionUnits per casePrice
HA04 Standard Blade 40 units $ 20.00
HA07 Ultra Hard Carbide Blade 1 units $ 35.00
HA08 Square-shaped Blade 1 units $ 30.00
HA09 Long Blade 1 units $ 25.00
HA10 Round-edge Blade 1 units $ 25.00
HK02 Blade Clamp 1 unit $ 15.00
HB03 Screw for mounting blade 1 unit $5.00
RR02 Allen wrench 1 unit $5.00

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