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About Us

Micromechatronics Inc. specializes in the development and commercialization of piezoelectric actuators, transducers, and their integrated systems, including supporting services, tools and software.


Micromechatronics Inc (MMech) was founded in October 2004 as a spin-off company from the International Center for Actuators and Transducers (ICAT), one of the research centers of The Pennsylvania State University.

MMech is headquartered in close proximity to the nation's premier high-technology research and development areas on smart materials, State College, Pennsylvania. Founded and staffed by several professors and graduates of Penn State University, MMech maintains its links with Penn State University, thereby assuring our client state-of-the-art solutions to their engineering problems.

MMech was founded by Prof. Kenji Uchino, the Director of ICAT and one of the pioneers of Piezoelectric Actuator technology. The over 35 years of experience of Prof. Uchino in the field of piezoelectric actuators and motors and the multiple network established over the years as a consultant of many of the top piezoelectric producers, leading the first steps of MMech.

Rapidly, by 2006, MMech has established product distribution agreements with 13 partners companies around the world, to commercialize multiple piezoelectric related devices, piezo-drive circuits, and computer simulation software from a single platform.

On top of a strong piezo-based commercial platform, MMech also offers Research and Development services through their R&D division which takes advantage of the strong know-how shared with Penn State University. The R&D division has unique expertise in breakthrough piezoelectric devices, including micro-motors, piezoelectric transformers, energy harvesting devices and micro-robots. MMech possesses a multiple patent portfolio as a result of its own developments, licenses from The Penn State University (including the present 26 patent of the entrepreneur, Kenji Uchino).

In May 2007, MMech appointed Dr. Alfredo Vazquez Carazo as the new President and CEO of the Company. The new President brings to the table strong experience in management and corporate development perfectly balanced with a deep background on smart devices developments. Dr. Vazquez is the former Vice President of the Face Companies and has been leading PI for multiple NASA and DoD SBIR projects as well as responsible for multiple product development and commercialization.


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