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Noliac Piezo Compositions

Noliac Technology

Noliac Group develops and manufactures piezoelectric ceramics based on modified lead zirconate titanate (PZT) of high quality and tailored for custom specifications.

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The following standard piezo ceramics are currently available (click for specifications):

Type Product code Previous Name
Hard doped PZT NCE40 PCM40
Hard doped ceramic
NCE41 PCM41 Hard doped ceramic
NCE46 * H1 Hard doped ceramic
NCE80 PCM80 Hard doped ceramic
Soft doped PZT NCE51 PCM51
Soft doped ceramic
NCE53 PCM53 Soft doped ceramic
NCE55 PCM55 Soft doped ceramic
NCE56 New Soft doped ceramic
NCE57 * S1 Soft doped ceramic
NCE59 * S2 Soft doped ceramic

* For multilayer components only

Noliac PZT materials can be grouped based on Navy and European EN groups as follows:

Material NCE40 NCE41 NCE46
Navy Type I I I III II
European Standard EN 50324-1 100 100 100 100 200

Material NCE53 NCE55 NCE56
Navy Type II VI V II V
European Standard EN 50324-1 200 600 600 200 600

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