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WTC-600-40, WTC-1200-40 photoelectric activation provides easy, hands-off operation.

Table-top Cleaners




  • All-in-one large tank unit is suitable for large equipment or parts.
  • No-touch operation by optical sensor and speech guidance assist the .
  • No need to touch the buttons with wet or greasy hands for operation.
  • Automatic frequency tracking to the set value.
  • Stable cleaning power and Alarm function for output error.
  • Overflow drain hole is equipped.
  • Easy to build the water circulation system using the drain cock for dischargring water and the mounting hole for overflow.


  • For electric, electronics industry, PCB, LCD glass, IC, Wafers, Magnetic
  • Food and Drug industry, Laboratory equipmentFood
  • Manufacturing parts, Glass bottles
  • Medical equipment, surgical devices

Generator Specifications

Model Code WTC-600-40 WTC-1200-40
Oscillation Mode FM + AM
Output Power (peak power) 600 W 1200 W
Output Frequency 40 kHz
Transducer Bolt Clamped Langevin transducer
Power Source AC100V 50/60Hz AC200V-230V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 300VA 600VA
Timer Digital Timer: Operation for 10 min/20 min/30 min/continuous
Inner Tank Size (mm) 400x350x272 (36L) (SUS304) 610x400x268 (69L) (SUS304)
Outer Tank Size (mm) 600x410x472 (except the handles and rubber feet) 800x460x472 (except the handles and rubber feet)
Weight (kg) 28 40
Power Cable 3.5m
Max. Liquid Temperature 80oC
Operation Switch ON/OFF by the photoelectric sensor
Drain Rc 3/4 valve Rc 1 valve

Optional Parts for WTC-Series

Cleaning Baskets
Part Number Related Model Size (mm) Material Appearance
KG08 WTC-600-40 L=350 x W=310 x H=210 SUS304
KG09 WTC-1200-40 L=550 x W=360 x H=210 SUS304


Part Number Related Model Size (mm) Material Appearance
FT05 WTC-600-40 440x390x1.2  
FT06 WTC-1200-40 650x440x1.2  


Part Number Related Model Size Material Appearance
DA01 WTC-600-40 593x403x250 Polypropylene (PP)
DA02 WTC-1200-40 793x453x259 Polypropylene (PP)


Throwing-in heater
Part Number Related Model Size Note Appearance
NH01 WTC-600-40 D=140xL=735 1kW - 2.0kg
NH02 WTC-1200-40 D=140xL=735 1.5kW - 2.1kg

How to order

If you need a specific quote, please request so by sending us an e-mail through "Request for Quote" by refering to the following part number or by calling us at 814-861-5688 (8:30am to 5:30pm EST). You can also directly place an order by calling us with your credit card information or sending us a Purchase Order form.

WTC-Series Price List

Article Part Number Price
WTC-600-40 Cleaner Device WTC-600-40 $ 3,845.00
KG08 Cleaning Basket for WTC-600-40 KG08 $ 215.00
FT05 Lid for WTC-600-40 FT05 $ 85.00
DA01 Rack for WTC-600-40 DA01 $ 245.00
NH-01 Throwing-in heater for WCT-600-40 NH01 $ 465.00
WTC-1200-40 Cleaner Device WTC-1200-40 $ 5,780.00
KG09 Cleaning Basket for WTC-1200-40 KG09 $ 310.00
FT06 Lid for WTC-1200-40 FT06 $ 140.00
DA02 Rack for WTC-1200-40 DA02 $ 340.00

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