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Ring Bender NAC2324 (Replaces CMBR04)

CTS Ring Bender Actuator

CTS tape cast multilayer piezoelectric bending actuators are ideal for a wide range of applications requiring precise and fast movement. CTS multilayer piezo ring benders are produced with a stroke up to +/- 198 µm and provide higher force than plate benders. The piezo ring benders are used in a wide range of applications due to the robustness and easy integration of a ring.

pdf-icon_smRing Bender Data Sheet

Product facts:

Outer Diameter (OD) 30 mm ± 0.90 mm
Inner Diameter (ID) 6 mm ± 0.20 mm
Height (H) 0.7 mm ± 0.10 mm
Operating voltage (*) 200 V max (*)  
Free stroke +/- 112 µm ± 15%
Blocking force 0 to 11.8 N ± 20%
Capacitance 2 x 470 nF ± 15%
Stiffness 0.11 N/µm ± 20%
Maximum operating temperature 150 °C  
Material NCE51F (S1)  
Unload resonance frequency > 3.1 kHz  
External electrodes Ag  
Wires 30 AWG x 200 mm (+/-20 mm) Teflon  

(*) Operating voltage is 200V (+/- 100V)

Typical outline:

The figure below shows typical outline of NAC232X


OD Outer diameter excluding external connections mm
ID Inner diameter mm
H Height mm

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