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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Honda Cleaners

Micromechatronics, Inc. distributes HONDA Electronics ultrasonic technology including ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic cuttters, ultrasonic welding, atomizing, ultrasonic transducers and other ultrasonic based technology.

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Desktop-type Cleaner

Uses multi-frequency generation for even distribution of ultrasonic energy.

Single frequency operation mode and three frequency sequential change oscillation: 28kHz/45kHz/100kHz

Tank size: 3L
Power: 100W

Price: Contact us


Dual-Frequency (BAKUSEN) is effective for the most resistant contamination

Desktop-type Cleaner

Single frequency and High speed change oscillation, Dynashock (BAKUSEN): 24kHz/31kHz

Tank size: 3L

Power: 110W

Price: $1,620.00.-

WT-100-M, WT-200-M, WT-300-M

Dual Frequency switching cleaners in a stylish cabinet

Desktop-type Cleaner

Operation: Single generation (45kHz), Interval single generation and two cycles changeable generation 28, 45kHz

Tank size: 5L, 10L and 30L

Power: 100W, 200W and 300W


WTC-600-40 and WTC-1200-40 (All-in-One-Style)

High-Power large-tank desktop type ultrasonic cleaner, easy operation by optical switch and speech guidance.

Desktop-type Cleaner

Single Frequency Operation: 40kHz

Tank size: 40L and 69L

Power: 600W (adjustable)


Wide variation of frequency for a variety of cleaning applications

Modular-type Cleaner

Single frequency operation. Available models: 28kHz, 40kHz, 75kHz, 100kHz

Tank size: 23L and 37L

Power: 600W and 1200W

Price: Depends on model


WSC28/WSC40 Low Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner

Low frequency of operation for removal of heavier contamination, like grease and metal chips

Modular-type Cleaner

AM + FM Oscillation28kHz and 40kHz available

Tank size: External tank

Power: 600W and 1200W

Pulse Jet Sm


4 Models available witha  range of frequencies to fit any cleaning task

Megasonic/Ultrasonic operation results in the removal of minute contamination with the reduced possibility of damage

Pulsejet-type Cleaner


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