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Ultrasonic Measuring Instruments

Standard Products

Micromechatronics, Inc distributes HONDA Electronics ultrasonic technology including ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic cutters, ultrasonic welders, atomizing devices, ultrasonic transducers and other ultrasonic based technology.


Portable Ultrasound Pressure Meter

Portable pressure sensor equipped with a built in rechargable battery. Displays a relative value to the measured ultrasonic power which can be used to calibrate most ultrasonic cleaning units. It can be used for all types of cleaning units: immersed type, water flow type and tank type.  

Price: $2,975.00.-


HLF800 Series

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Measure the flow of liquids with a minimal reduction in pressure because no device is installed inside the tubing. Measuement is performed by ultrasonic transducers that measure the velocity of ultrasonic wave through the fluid and calculate the fluid flow in the pipe.  

Price: Depends on sensors selected - see details

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