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Ultra High Vacuum

Noliac Piezo Actuators 

Noliac Group piezos are available in versions especially designed for ultra high vacuum, UHV, applications. Testing exhibits low outgassing levels proving the UHV compatibility even of stacked piezo actuators with glue, solder, flux and wires. 

Ultra high vacuum is the vacuum regime characterized by pressures lower than about 10-7 pascal or 100 nanopascals (~10-9 torr). Extreme cleanliness and low out gassing are essential parameters in sustaining the vacuum level in such systems. Elevated temperature compatibility is often needed since water vapour and other trace gasses are removed from the system during a "bake-out".

Ultra High Vacuum Option

Noliac's piezoelectric components for ultra high vacuum are subjected to special care regarding cleaning and wires positioning. In general, a component ordered with ultra high vacuum option will include:

  • Special cleaning procedure of the piezoelectric element.
  • Use of lead free solder 96SC Tin/Silver/Copper with multicore flux (Flux Crystal 400).
  • Kapton insulation wires UHV compatible.

Design according to your application 

Noliac's piezoceramic components are made to support system development and integration of piezo technology in your UHV application.

Among many technical capabilities, Noliac is competent in producing piezo ceramic components meeting the demands on temperature compatibility and out gassing levels set by UHV operation.

Examples of design possibilities:

Multilayer actuator:



Shape: Square, ring, discs
Dimensions: Cross section up to 70mm x 70mm
PZT material: Soft doped or hard doped PZT
Layer thickness: 20 µm and up 
External electrodes: Screen-printing: Ag, Au or Sputtering: Ni/Cr + Au

Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements for a piezo based UHV application solution.