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Noliac Piezo Actuator

Relevant Paramenters when selecting actuators wires

There are several parameters that should be taken into account in selecting a wire for connection:

  • Operating voltage
  • Intensity of the current
  • Operating temperature
  • Environment (for example, vacuum)

Teflon wires can stand temperatures above 200 °C, while PVC wires only resist temperatures up to 80 °C. In tough operating conditions or in vacuum, it is recommended to use Teflon isolated wire to guarantee the proper performance of PZT-elements

The wire thickness (AWG) is determined by the current that has to be transmitted to and forth to the PZT element. The required current is determined by the capacitance of the PZT-element, the maximum driving frequency and the maximum voltage Up-p.

Please refer to:

Wire Options for CMA and SCMAs (plate and rings):

Option A Option B Option C
28 AWG Teflon
28AWG Teflon
Length 200 +/- 10mm
200 +/- 10mm
To be defined
Position Middle of the actuator
Middle of the actuator
To be defined
Direction Perpendicular to the height
Toward the top
To be defined
cma-option a wires-sm cma-option b wires-sm
cmar-option a wires-sm
cmar-option b wires-sm

Wires Options for CMBs:

In general, the wire attachment for Noliac benders actuators are as indicated in the following figures. On the left figure is a typical wire attachment for the CMBP. On the right figure is the typical wire attachment for the CMBR.

cmbs-option a wires-sm

As standard configuration, Noliac attaches the following wires to all CMBs:

  • 28 AWG Teflon wires to our products with a thickness equal to or thicker than 1.2 mm
  • 30 AWG Teflon wires to our products thinner than 1.2 mm and thicker than 0.5 mm

On products thinner than 0.5 mm, we recommned the customer to glue the wire onto the terminals using conductive glue, e.g. EpoTec H27D.

We solder red wires to the positive electrode, black to the negative and blue to the control terminal on benders.

For special requirements, we can assist you in selecting wires.