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MTKK Series



The MechaTrans®KK-Series is a High Speed piezo actuator that has a higher rigidity/stiffness and higher resonance frequency compare to the MechaTrans®DD-Series or the MechaTrans®D-Series. Therefore the High Speed MechaTrans®KK-Series has a shorter rise time. The High Speed MechaTrans®KK-Series consists of a stroke magnification / amplification structure and multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuators. With the stroke magnification structure, the stroke is magnified to overcome the limitation of the multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuator (piezo actuator). However, the magnifiation / amplification ratio is smaller than the MechaTrans®DD-Series or the MechaTrans®D-Series. Like the MechaTrans®DD-Series or the MechaTrans®D-Series, the High Speed MechaTrans®KK-Series is designed flat and compact in size, therefore the efficiency of the space utilization is high. The output stroke is converted to 90 degree in direction compare to the original output stroke of the multilayer stacked piezoelectric actuator. When a voltage is applied to the High Speed MechaTrans®KK-Series, it elongates as illustrated below.

Standard Actuators

Product Mod

Disp. 150V

ForceStiff.Res FreqCap
MTKK03S45F4 15 3 4.8 45 4 0.09 5100 0.03
MTKK08S70F20 14.7 8 4.5 70 20 0.29 6500 0.40
MTKK08S180F30 28 8 8 180 30 0.17 3000 0.87
MTKK12S400F140 56 12 16 400 140 0.35 1600 8.4
MTKK16S400F170R 72 21 15 400 170 0.43 1600 8.4


Mechano Transformer Corporation has developed displacement enlargement mechanisms using a unique lever principle. The enlarged displacement achieves one hundred times that of the piezoelectric device itself and has the following advantages:

  • High resonance frequency.
  • High speed linear actuation.
  • High blocked force.
  • Fast response / Short rise time.
  • Flat and compact.
  • Output stroke of the piezoelectric actuators is converted to 90 degrees in direction.
  • The MechaTrans®KK-Series elongates as illustrated below when a voltage applied.
  • Output stroke direction is opposite to the MechaTrans®K-Series.

The operating principle of the MechaTrans®D-Series

Mechanical tapped holes are fabricated at both sides of the MechaTrans®KK-Series. Lead wires of red and black(white) are attached at the piezoelectric actuators. The picture below shows an example of the connection between the driver and the piezoelectric actuators. A resistance may be needed in between depend on the driving conditions. When a voltage is applied to the piezoelectric actuators, the MechaTrans®KK-Series elongate as shown in the illustration below.



Application Examples

Haptics actuator, Precision stage for lithography process, Auto focus module for camera, Mass flow. 


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