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Types of Ultrasonic Cleaners

Varieties of Ultrasonic Cleaners


Desktop Type

This type of cleaner integrates the frequency generator and the transducer in a dedicated housing. It does not take space and is easy to operate. It is suitable for cleaning glasses, jewelry, also machinery and laboratory materials.




W-113SANPA, W-113 MK-II, W-113-P

WT-100-M, WT-200-M, WT-300-M

WT-600-40, WT-1200-40


A modular type ultrasonic cleaner may be integrated into a existing tank as either part of the system through direct attachment or as a drop-in type which is placed within (immersed) an existing tank or housing. There are four different types or modules:

S-type: Cleaning tank

SH-type: Cleaning tank w/ heater

N-type: Immersible transducer

F-type: Vibrator-plate type transducer

The S-type consists of a frequency generator and a dedicated tank with a connected transducer plate. This module is the best choice when there is no tank or housing available. The SH-type is similar to the S-type, but a heater is included in the tank. Best choice when there is a tank available at hand and the only requirement is the transducer and generator. The N-type offers an immersible transducer that can easily be thrown in the tank. The F-type consists of a generator and a plate type transducer. This is the right choice to incorporate the transducer into the specific tank or equipment.

In-Line, Series Type

These are a series of separate functions combined into a customized step-by-step process which allows for individual, separate processes.

Nozzle Type

Portable spary nozzles, which contain the ceramic piezoelectric crystals, are useful in cases where the ultrasonic energy needs to be brought to the devices to be cleaned such as production lines.


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