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ZO-95 Ultrasonic Cutter Kit

Ultrasonic Cutters

ZO 95 Lg

 Blade Options and Accessories for Ultrasonic Cutters

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pdf-icon_sm Precaution using Ultrasonic cutters

Generator Oscillation Mode Self-activating oscillation
Max. Power Output 30 W
Max. Power Consumption 60 W
Oscillation Frequency 40 kHz
Power Supply Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output: DC 12V, 5A
Dimension W x D x H (mm) 185 x 169 x 55
Weight App 1.2 kg
Cable length 1.4 m
Protection Instrument Thermal shutdown if instrument temperature is above 70oC.
Hand Piece Transducer type Bolt clamped Langevin transducer
Control Foot Pedal (ZH-801)
Dimensions (mm) D=28 x L=150
Weight 0.350 kg
Cable Length Output cable: 1.6 m (straight cord)


  • An Ultrasonic cutter using 40,000 vibrations per second with non-audible sound to assist in reducing the friction during the cutting process.
  • The ZO-95 is the latest version of Honda Electronics Ultrasonic Cutters and incorporates the following:
    • Activation via Foot Pedal (ZH-801)
    • Universal AC Adapter (100V to 240V) allows worldwide use, eliminates the need for a power converter.
    • A mode switch provides Normal - High - Super High modes.
    • The ZO-95 is equiped with a thermal shutdown switch in the hand-piece that monitors the transducer temperature.
    • Monitors the drive circuit for insufficient blade screw tightness and abnormalities due to overload.
    • Automatic shutoff after 10 minutes of operation
    • S-High mode cuts 1.5 times faster than the ZO-91 in High mode - 2mm thick acrylic with a force of 2 kgs .
    • Addition of several new blades to cover a larger variety of applications.
    • Most blades are interchangeable between the the full line of cutters.
    • The hand piece is equipped with a straight cord to reduce tension on the handpiece when working.


Ultrasonic cutting of Synthetic Resin, Plastic, Epoxy Putty, Silicone, Paper/Cardboard, Chemical Fiber/Cloth, Polyester Putty, 3D printed parts.ZO 80 App

How to order

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Standard ZO-95 Set w/40 standard replacement blades

Part NumberArticle DescriptionPrice
ZO-95 Kit

1 - Main ZO-95 Body with 1 blade
1 - ZH-801 Foot Pedal
1 - ZH25T Preset Torque Driver
1 Pack - HA04 Std Replacement Blades (40 blades)
1 - RR02 Allen wrench
1 - ZH04 Blade Fixture
1 - HB03 Blade Fixing Screw
1 - Operating manual

$ 1065.00

Optional Blades/Parts for ZO-95

Part NumberArticle DescriptionQtyPrice
HA04 Standard Blade 40 units $ 20.00
HA07 Ultra Hard Carbide Blade 1 units $ 35.00
HA08 Square-shaped Blade 1 units $ 30.00
HA10 Round-edge Blade 1 units $ 25.00
ZH04 Blade Clamp 1 unit $ 20.00
ZH04S Blade Clamp/w screw and wrench 1 unit $ 25.00
HB03 Screw for mounting blade 1 unit $5.00
RR02 Allen wrench 1 unit $5.00
ZH03 L-Shaped Blade 1 unit $45.00
ZH05A 1mm Tip Blade 1 unit $32.00
ZH06 2mm Tip Blade 1 unit $20.00
ZH07 1mm Tip Welding Blade 1 unit $15.00
ZH08 2mm Tip Welding Blade 1 unit $15.00
ZH09 Round Tip Blade 1 unit $25.00
ZH10 25mm Long Blade 1 unit $25.00
ZH11 Saw Blade 1 unit $35.00
ZH12 Pointed Engraving Blade 1 unit $35.00
ZH14 0.15mm Thin Blade 5 units $30.00
ZH15S Blade Clamp/w screw and wrench for ZH14 Blade 1 unit $35.00
ZH802 Replacement Hand-Piece for the ZO-95 1 unit $795.00

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