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BA4510 Bimorph Bender

Piezoelectric Actuators


pdf-icon_sm BA4510 Specifications


BA4510 Specifications
Deflection +/- 1mm
Input Voltage +/- 100V
Blocking Force 0.2N
Small Signal Cap. 65 nF
Stiffness 200 N/m
Resonance Freq 170 Hz
Total Length 45 mm
Free Length 30 mm
Width 10 mm
Thickness 0.5 mm
Piezo Thickness 0.2 mm
Mass 1.61 g


The BA4510 is a piezoelectric bimorph actuator poled in the parallel configuration with a two-wire electrical connection as illustrated below. In addition to actuation, this configuration is also useful for sensing and vibration power harvesting.



Mounting Considerations

Bimorph actuators can be mounted using an insulated clamp or bonded to a base with a two part epoxy.

Electrical Current Requirements

The required current is I=C dV/dt, where I is the current, C is the effective capacitance, and dV/dt is the voltage rate-of-change. For a sine-wave, the required peak current is equal to:


Where Vp-p is the peak-to-peak voltage. For a triangle wave, the required peak current is:


Recommended Drivers

The recommended drivers and associated power bandwidth (+/-100V Sine-Wave) are listed below

AmplifierApplicationsPower BW
PDu100b General Purpose 184 Hz
PDu100 Miniature 184 Hz
PDm200B High Performance 1700 Hz



The range is specified for an applied voltage of +/-100V. When the actuator is driving a spring, the range is reduced by the factor


Where Kp is the actuator stiffness and Kl is the load stiffness.

Options/OEM Customization

  • Custom range and dimensions
  • Custom wiring arrangement/connectors


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